©2010 Tim Celeski , These images and the VR movies are available to the relevant artists for use on their own websites if given photographer credit and the copyright is displayed.

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Below are the "flat" images of the sites on the studio tour. Just
click on the photo to go to a dedicated studio page to see other images and the full 360 degree images that are below the wide panorama photos. Once the VR images are displayed just follow these instructions to get the full VR effect: Click inside the image and then drag your pointer left, right, up or down to look all around. Shift key will zoom in. Control key zooms out.

To download these flat images to your computer just (right click on PCs on the image or (on Macs just drag the flat image to your desktop) To download the 360 degree VR photo files to your computer just (Right Click on PCs on the VR image) or (Control-Click on the VR image on Macs)

Studio 1

Studio 2

Studio 3

Studio 4

Studio 5

Studio 6

Studio 7